A. W., Cumminsville, near Cincinnati, writes: - "We send you by mail a few heads of Mignonettes which we have grown and improved for the last ten years. We think it is the best ever grown as a market variety. If you think it is worthy of mention in the Gardener's Motnhly we would beg you to put in a few words about it. Our Mignonette is well known around Cincinnati; it has brought double the price of any other variety. We sold plants as high as fifty to seventy-five cents, and could not sell any other variety beside it.

We have to grow the plants for seed under glass, for it will not seed in open ground, or very little. Its habit is very stocky and very free flowering and just as fragrant as any variety. Some of the plants we selected for seed measure two inches in diameter, and the flowers spike by giving them plenty of pot room endless. We have tried seeds of all the best large flowering offered in market but had none to come up to ours."

[These were certainly heads of remarkable vigor, far superior to any we have seen. The chief value of Mignonette resides in fragrance. If this should be as sweet as it is superior in size, it will be a very valuable addition to our lists of sweet flowers. - Ed. G. M ]