A subject of great importance, which I wish to bring before the Society, is the position of Horticultural Societies, Agricultural Colleges, and similar institutions with respect to it.

When I reflect on the advantages which have been derived from the publications of our Society I regret that their distribution has necessarily been confined to its members. Our funds have all been acquired from fees of membership or by donations, and have not permitted of a more extended distribution. Some copies have, however, been sent to the libraries of Congress, the Department of Agriculture, and a few other similar institutions, but our volumes should have a place in the libraries of all our State Agricultural, Horticultural and Pomological Societies. I submit, therefore, for your consideration the question whether these and similar institutions might not be placed on the same footing as life or biennial members. To provide for a larger edition and more extensive distribution of our proceedings, I have the pleasure to state that I have procured the generous donation for this purpose, from the time-honored Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture, of five hundred dollars, to which I have the prospect of adding one thousand dollars or more by gift from Boston friends to our fund.