W. writes: "Will you please inform us whether or not the Pyrethrum roseum is a 'Chamomile.' The case is this, Pyrethrum roseum is known in commerce as the Persian (or Caucasian) Chamomile. "Chamomile" flowers are admitted into the ports of the United States free of duty. Pyrethrum roseum was formerly admitted free of duty, but lately, and without change of law, at the port of New York, a duty of 10 per cent, is charged. If the Pyrethrum roseum is a Chamomile flower it is not properly chargeable with duty. We refer throughout to the dried flowers. If you can,without inconvenience to yourself, give us the information for which we ask, you will much oblige."

[This' is a case showing the confusion that might arise from a careless application of English names. The United States undoubtedly intended by Chamomile, Anthemis nobilis, and never dreamed of admitting Pyrethrum roseum under that name, and would no doubt decide as we should. Yet all chance of a dispute would have been avoided if the botanical name had at least been given with the other, thus "Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis)." - Ed. G. M.]