Greenhouse And House Gardening. Communications. Moss Mulching

I have found moss very beneficial as a mulch, but not allowed to remain too long; otherwise the young and delicate roots will follow up the moisture to the surface, to the great detriment of the lower or main roots. And woe betide the young and tender roots should the plants dry out thoroughly after they have penetrated the porous moss.

Heating A Greenhouse By Two Fires

Albert Williams, Sharon, Pa., writes: "Can you give me any information in regard to the system of heating three greenhouses with two fires as shown in the late edition of Practical Floriculture, that is as to its utility, cost, &c? I should be glad to hear through the Monthly from some one who is using the system."

Communications. American Wonder Pea

This new dwarf pea has proved most satisfactory here. I sowed them side by side with William I.. March 16th, and picked May 31st. I could see no perceptible difference whatever in earliness. It is an exceedingly productive, very dwarf and compact grower, not exceeding twelve inches in height with me. It must be an excellent market sort.

The Alexander Peach

The first peaches of the season in New York came on May 30th, from Mr. P. J. Berckmans, of Augusta, Georgia. They were Alexander, and filled three crates of a third of a bushel each, two hundred peaches in all, and were sold for $32.

Apple Yellow Transparent

This is an importation from Russia, though what may have been its name in its own country we are not informed. The fruit is said to be of medium size, of a rich, transparent lemon yellow, with a faint flush on the sunny side. It is earlier than the Tetofsky.

Apple Queen Of The World

This popular Ohio apple is found to be but a synonym of the Ewalt.

Strawberries In Ohio

Mr. Crawford, in an essay before the Stark County (Ohio) Horticultural Society, says: - "Of the well-tried sorts that may be safely planted anywhere, I would name the Cumberland Triumph, Charles Downing, Captain Jack, Monarch of the West, Duchess and Wilson. Of the newer varieties, the Sharpless, Miner's Prolific, Henry Davis, Red Jacket, Longfellow and Hart's Minnesota will probably disappoint no one."


Finch's Prolific is believed in Ohio to be an improvement on Wilson's Albany.

Large Strawberries

At the June meeting of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Sharpless Strawberries were exhibited weighing 1 ounces each. As an exhibition berry, however, it has little beauty, being twisted and deformed to an outrageous extent. Why does not some one get out the beautiful Jucunda, as once we loved to see. The time will probably come, when beauty of form shall be regarded as of as much importance as beauty in color, - and may that time soon be.