Our good friend "Jacques," with this month drops out of the circle of our esteemed correspondents. That which appeared in our last, was literally written on his death-bed. His love of useful activity amidst a life of physical pain, was as successful as remarkable. He died at Germantown on the 23rd of September in his 84th year. It is the misfortune of those who live to a greater age than their contemporaries, that no one is left to tell the full story of their useful lives; and much which they should be credited with remains untold. In the present case none of the sketches that have appeared do justice to his career as an eminently useful horticulturist, and as a laborer in those branches of intelligence which bear on the pleasures of rural life. Hoping to do something in this line to the memory of our friend, we shall defer a fuller account of his life and services to our next number.