This aroid was introduced by Messrs. Veitch of Chelsea, London. It is a splendid foliage plant of stately and robust habit, and without doubt by far the finest of all Alocasias.

The leaves are of imposing dimensions, and of firm durable texture. The foot-stalks support a noble heart-shaped expansion, from 24 to 30 inches in length, with a breadth of from 15 to 20 inches. The mid-rib forms a bold greyish white stripe over the dark ground color, and from it prominent veins branch with slight obliquity on either side. The color of the blade is a deep olive greyish green; this is traversed by the numerous grey veinlets branching from the primaries; the upper surface has a lustrous metallic hue. For exhibition purposes Alocasia Thibautiana stands in the first rank among foliage plants, and in the stove it forms one of the most distinguished ornaments.



A first class certificate was awarded to it by the Royal Horticultural Society, July 3rd, 1877, and a certificate of merit by the Royal Botanic Society, June 13th, 1878. "When Alocasia Yeitchii and its twin sister A.

Lowii first came into this country, they were deservedly hailed by all lovers of beautiful leaved plants as acquisitions of the first water; but there can be no doubt that they are now completely eclipsed by Messrs. Veitch's new A. Thibautiana. It is altogether a grand plant, and we think it will turn out to be the finest of all the Alocasias." - The Gardeners' Chronicle, July 19th, 1879.

Messrs. Veitch named the plant in honor of Mons. L. Thibaut, of the firm of Messrs Thi-baut and Ketcleer, Sceaux, France.