At the Boston meeting of the American Association, Mr. Riley read a paper, which was ordered by the committee to be published in its proceedings. The volume has just been issued, and besides the paper ordered to appear, are copious foot-notes added, which the officers of the Society did not order in. Thus we have the anomaly of a volume of " transactions " issuing a paper that was never transacted. This new paper under the guise of foot-notes, inserted by Professor Riley, is an attack on Mr. Meehan. In this after-added paper we learn that Mr. Meehan has made "misrepresentations," "gross misstatements," "unscientific statements," "pure misstatements," some of them "famous," "misconstruction unjustifiable," and so forth. Mr. Riley has thus placed these remarks on record in the published volume of the society, with no opportunity for any one to know of them beforehand, and with no chance to show that there is no foundation in fact for any such epithets.

It is to the credit of the officers having charge of the publications of the association that no paper coming regularly before them with a personal attack like this on any member, would have been endorsed for publication; and it will be clear to everybody from the character of the production, that this great blot on the volume is on the sole responsibility of Mr. Riley. We will, however, do Mr. Riley the justice to say that we believe it was simply a thoughtless act of impropriety, for he surely knows that his well-earned reputation does not need to be bolstered by questionable acts like these.