T. S. P., Kingsburg, Cal., asks: - "How shall we pronounce Phylloxera? Prof. Hilgard of the University of California, says it is 'pronounced as if spelled fillo-xee-ra; emphasis on xee.'" (See supplement No. 1, report of the Board of Regents.)

[The word Phylloxera is made of two Greek words; but it is a single word now, and must follow the rules for single words. Professor Hil-gard's pronunciation would hold good as regards the two original words, but we do not think it will in the case of a single word; x is pronounced like ks when in the middle of a single word, and this necessitates the pronunciation filloks era. We have a similar case in botany, Xanthoxylon, which is universally and we think correctly pronounced. Zanthoks ylon, not zanthos-zylon, as it might be in the original two words. - Ed. G. M.]