I. C. W.,says: - "I send you by this mail some samples of the Highland Hardy Raspberry canes. You will notice that they have been punctured or stung by some insect, and in cutting or splitting the pieces you will find the young insect or maggot in it; we have noticed this for two seasons, and think it is the work of the June bug, the large brown hard-shelled fellow that flies around in early evenings in June; we have noticed them in great numbers in the raspberry patches at that time. And again we find the forwardest and strongest canes stung only, as the bug is gone when the later canes come along, We have found it necessary to cut out quite a portion of the strongest canes on account of their being so badly stung, as the canes are quite sure to die above the sting-Sometimes, however, they continue to grow until the fruit is formed, and then dry up, fruit and all of course. Now as this is becoming so destructive, I would ask if you know the cause and remedy, as I am not positive that the said bug does the mischief, but think so.

If any further information will be of use to you will I give you more fully the particulars?"

[This is one of the insects against which we have warned our readers during the past year or two. They seem to be spreading rapidly through the country the past few years. No one should plant raspberries without examining to see that they are clear of stem-borers and root parasites. "What kinds to plant?" is a question of no sort of importance as compared with these plant enemies. No matter how good your "valuable new variety" may be, it will soon dwindle away when these insects and funguses get hold of them. - Ed. G. M.]