Mrs. A. T. M'C, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., writes: "It may not be exactly in order to trouble you with so small a matter, but I have tried in many other ways to find a favorite old rose that I fear is no longer in the market, and finally turn to you for aid in my search. It is an old Noisette, named Jaune Deprez. I have sent for it to a number of florists, and they all (with the exception of Mr. Dreer) send me something else. He frankly says he hasn't it, and does not know of any one who has. Buist always kept it, but I believe his establishment is closed since his death. At any rate, I do not know their number. If you will be kind enough to answer my inquiries after the rose in the Gardener's Monthly, or any way you please, I will be very greatly obliged to you." [It is not usual to refer to trade matters in the reading columns of the magazine, but as we believe this beautiful Noisette rose is not now in the trade, we shall be glad to know whether it really is or not. Miss H. Buist still preserves some of the greenhouses for commercial purposes - Ed. G. M.]