My neighbor, Mrs. Needham, has a plant of the double-flowering variety of this Mexican annual in her window, where it is growing like an Oxalis, Othonna or Lobelia - that is, its branchy shoots hang down all over the pots, and are thickly studded with its miniature sunflower-like blossoms. Its copiousness in the dullest season for flowers - early winter - commends it as a good window plant.

Asclepias curassavica is a serviceable greenhouse plant, a free grower and continuous bloomer. Its flowers - orange and scarlet - last a long time in good condition after being cut. At Mr. Brooks', at Milton, the other day, I saw several plants in the conservatory, and was informed that it was quite a favorite among cut flowers, the blossoms last so well they are used twice, that is, made up a second time when the vases are replenished. And besides blooming in the winter in the greenhouse, planted out in summer, it keeps in flower the season through.