It is not often that we find a new apple that it seems desirable to name, because we do not forget that there are already two thousand in existence, and it is no use adding to this nomenclature unless there is a probability that the new variety will become a standard kind. It must be more than good to merit recognition from us.

This one seems to have superior claims. It is a very large apple, of fine appearance, and with that mixture of sour and sweet together, with just enough spiciness to give it character. The specimens sent were prematurely ripe through insect injury. On this account we do not feel warranted in giving a description from them, but are willing to accede to the request to name it. The fruit is from a natural tree on the grounds of Reverend Sidney Dyer, of Woodbury, New Jersey. There is a " Dyer " apple struggling with "Pomme Royale " for the right to the name. It will perhaps be best to call this the " Sidney." We should judge it would be in its best season about Christmas.