Light, thin-bladed spades are more to be desired than heavy ones, the workmen like them, better, and can do more work with them.

I use Ames' spades, and formerly had those marked "0. Ames & Sons," as they are made of the best material, and guaranteed. But lately I got "Blair'sPatent," also an Ames' spade. It is lighter and thinner bladed than the "O. Ames & Sons." The workmen prefer it, do more and better work with it, and it is easier for them. The Blair's spades are fifteen cents cheaper than the others, but I would willingly pay more for them than I would for the heavier ones. It may be argued they will not last as long. That may be; but their lightness and keenness more than make amends for their quick wear. I wish manufacturers would use the very best material for spades, and make them thinner than they do now.