In your first number of "Native Flowers and Ferns of the United States," I noticed that in describing the yellow jassamine, you mentioned it was not found in Texas - a mistake I wish to correct. It grows wild in abundance in this county, and also Panolas, an adjoining county. And you also stated, it was not found west of the Mississippi river. In this you are again mistaken, as it grows in quantities in Louisiana in the swamps on Red river. In February and March, in Bossier Parish, the woods are fragrant with it. The small plants do not bloom, and it is only after several years' growth that it blossoms. After blooming it is a rapid and vigorous grower, attaining great size, have frequently seen it cover trees and two-story verandahs; therefore it is not at all suitable for a basket plant.

I hope you will excuse the liberty I have taken in writing, but it was not in justice to our State or yourself to allow such a decided mistake to remain uncorrected.