There is a large fernery in "natural" conservatory style. The sides are lined and pouched with virgin cork in shaggy fashion and the interior banked, bouldered and intersected with rocky mounds and uneven surfaces, and traversed by appropriate rustic pathways. At the north end a water streamlet trinkles down a rough and rocky course into a little pool beneath, and by this water-way and around the basin, filmy ferns as Todeas and Trichomaneses are growing in apparent enjoyment of their constant laving. All the ferns are planted out and luxuriate in their unmeasured root room. Fine specimens of Dicksonias, Cyatheas, Cybotiums and Alsophilas - tall stemmed, broad headed tree ferns occupy the central portion. The dwarfer ferns nestle in pouches in the wall, and in rocky chinks and pockets form a carpeting to their arboreal hosts; stag-horn ferns stick in bunches to the sides; the lengthy fronds of Asplenium longissimum reach down the rocky cliffs to root again and start afresh; diffuse Davallias of the Mooreana and ornata type extend their ample fronds to hide all stones within their reach; and the Japanese Woodwardias recline in fountained grace from projecting points.