The Country Gentleman has the following from an Orange, New Jersey, correspondent: - "Eight of the city roughs bounded over the fence and commenced clawing off the large clusters of green cherries and thrusting them into their pockets. But before they knew where we came from, a policeman nabbed one, and I seized another, and we escorted them to the station, where they were locked up for several days. I then entered complaint against six others, whose names and places of abode were given to the police justice of the city, who issued a warrant for each of the young desperadoes, and sent two or three officers very early in the morning before the young fruit thieves had arisen, and had them also brought to the station, where they were all punished so severely that they did not enter the orchard again."

It is gratifying to note that there are police justices in New Jersey who are not led away by the sympathetic nonsense that "they only stole a few cherries," and the whole community of horticulturists owe a debt to this unknown person who persisted in prosecuting them.