A monthly journal of forestry. Edited by Dr. Franklin B. Hough. The October - the first number - has just appeared. As we noted when the " American" Gardener' s Chronicle, the "American" Journal of Horticulture, and the "American" many other magazines appeared, it would seem better to have a wholly American name to an American magazine, than to copy an English name and merely add "American" to it. It is bad enough when quoting an English contemporary to have to use so long a name as " Journal of Forestry " to give credit to, but "American Journal of For estry" is certainly far too long for a quotable name. However, this is a matter of taste, and few will want to quarrel with a name when the work itself worthily represents an excellent cause. The leading chapters in the number before us are on "Forestry in Michigan," "Larch Wood," "Forestry of the future," "Forest Fires," and a good report of the forest congress at Cincinnati. Besides these chapters, there is a column for "Miscellany," which furnishes opportunity for editorial comment on passing events relating to forestry.

The new venture will have the support and best wishes of all interested in the progress of American forestry. * It may not be out of place here to note that in the review of Dr. Hough's Elements of Forestry, a remark was made as to the inaccuracy of one of the cuts used. The cut is inaccurate, but not in some of the points referred to. The writer of the review would have pointed out more particularly in this number the error he fell into, but some cuts, showing the exact character of one and two-year-old wood in a piece of oak, could not be completed in time for such notice, and the correction must be deferred for the present.

A monthly magazine to appear the 1st of June, under the above name, has just been announced by the publishing firm of Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati. It is to be edited by Dr. Franklin B. Hough, well known in connection with forestry matters, and whose work "Elements of Forestry," by the same publisher, is to appear about the same time. We are certain the venture will be appreciated by all interested in forestry, and will, we are sure, receive a generous support.