A correspondent of the Journal of Horticulture, describing two very successful occasions, says :

" In the centre a good specimen in a five inch pot of the beautifully drooping golden Croton angustifolius, the pot mossed over, and at the base were disposed large fronds of Maidenhair Fern, next a ring of white Chrysanthemums, and above this large trusses of a beautiful pale rose Rhododendron, obtained by forcing. With these between the candlesticks we employed between the dishes of dessert small plants of narrow-leaved Dracaenas ferrea and nigra-rubro and flowering Pelargoniums in three-inch pots. The pots were stood on Maidenhair Fern and covered with moss, in which were disposed a few yellow Chrysanthemum blooms, which by candlelight really appeared to be white. On another occasion different plants were employed, and sprays of Jasminum nudifloruni were advantageously substituted for the Chrysanthemums, and richly colored leaves of Mahonia Aquifolium for the Fern fronds. Red Primulas would have been employed failing the more beautiful Rhododendron".