"J. R.G." St. Stephen's Ch. P. O., Va., writes: "Can the Gardener's Monthly tell me if Asparagus plumosus is hardy. From the beautiful print of it and the editorial endorsement I am anxious to get it".

[With no personal knowledge of the culture of this plant, the Editor can only say that from its native country and other associations, it ought to do well in a cool greenhouse].

Mrs. "R. B. E." says : " In the December Monthly inquiry is made about Asparagus plumosus, and whether it is in this country. John Saul, of Washington, and Hovey & Co., of Boston, advertised it in their catalogues for the spring of 1881. I have never seen it in growth, however, but if the illustration is correct, and its habit of growth satisfactory, it must be a very great acquisition".

[This illustrates a point we often make, when people write to magazines to know where they can get rare or interesting plants or fruits. The editors of these magazines cannot always know these things; indeed such questions come rather under the head of business matters, and are more adapted to the advertising than the reading columns. But to the point referred to, which is, that the best way to get at these questions is to write to or send for the catalogues of the firms who may have eminence in these branches. If they have not the kinds ready, on application, they soon get them. - Ed. G. M].