Mr. Charles Black, Hightstown, N. J., writes: "I see inquiry of 'R. S.' in the Monthly for a white cling. We send you a box containing two of Chinese Cling and one Mammoth Cling. The former is red at the seed, but the latter is pure white, and ripens about two weeks earlier than Late Heath. The latter never ripens well here, and colors full as much as the Mammoth. The trees from which we took the Mammoth are overloaded, and fruit only medium size. There are plenty of white clings in the South. We have two others of the Chinese Clings that were raised by Mr. Berckmans, Augusta, Ga., and I see he describes them as white. We have them but not in fruit. We grow several clings, but are all for the South. We have but little demand for clings North. The Chinese Cling is soft fleshed when fully ripe and really good".

[The Chinese Cling is evidently a distinct race, and there are doubtless many varieties of it. It will be necessary to be particular about names. - Ed. G. M].