"W. L. F." Hanover, Mass., writes: "I would like to ask 'Collector' in regard to Fremontia, about which he writes so instructively, whether the plants he mentions, as growing at the highest altitude, dwarfed by the cold, ever ripen seed? If they do, I should think plants raised from such would be much more likely to prove hardy in the Atlantic States. Also, whether 'Collector' has any experience as to the seeding habits of the Dendromecon and the Cowania Mexicana, two other showy, yellow flowering shrubs of the mountain region of the Pacific Slope, which, however, would probably prove (tender?) in the Middle or Eastern States ?"

[We shall be glad to hear from "Collector" as requested. So far as the writer's experience goes, California plants do not like Eastern summers. They get half dead, and then become tender during winter. - Ed. G. M].