An extremely interesting note on the Herbarium of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia appears in the late number of the Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club. The institution above named was formed primarily for mutual aid to study among the members of the body. But, besides this mutual aid it has taken a pride in aiding science all over the world. All this has been done by the free labor of the members and their friends. Not a dollar has ever been given by city or State, or any endowment made toward maintenance to any material extent by outside parties. In view of its eminent services a fine building was partially given it by citizens; but nothing toward the increasing expenses the large building brought. The Herbarium is a fine tribute to this long series of voluntary work. Collins, Elliott. Pursh, Baldwin, Le Conte, Conrad, Nuttall, Torrey, Durand and Pickering are among the famous dead that have aided in bringing it up. Many other famous names, who have taken part in this great work, directly or indirectly, are mentioned - the names of Schweinitz, Bentham, Hooker, Asa Gray, Von Martius, Kuschenberger, Styles, Lesquereux, Ravanel, John Stuart Mill, Dr. Short, and most of the living celebrities of botanical science-Parmentier, the celebrated physician, made the first presentation of specimens about 1812. It is difficult to tell how many good species the Herbarium contains; but it is not less than 40,000 or 45,000, although other estimates place it much higher.

National use could be made of this valuable material if some Smithson would arise just now to step in and go beyond what voluntary work can possibly do. Much is being given to new enterprises. A little once in a while to finish those that are well begun would do no harm. - The Independent.