Mr. A. A. Ben-sel says : "The best pear to follow Dana's Hovey is Josephine de Malines, commencing to ripen in January and continuing into March. The fruit ripens without any extra care, and like several other winter varieties, is 'much better than it looks,' being only greenish yellow when ripe. Nor is the shape such as would attract notice in the market, being nearly round, and only slightly tapering towards the stem, which is large and fleshy. The flavor of the fruit is a near approach to 'best,' the abundant juice being deliciously sweet, aromatic and refreshing. The Josephine is a long step in advance of the winter pears which require a peculiar and special treatment to fit them for use. The tree has a sturdy look, the wood being short-jointed and the buds heavy, although it is not a fast grower. It will be in great demand when it becomes known, and we hope to see it planted extensively".