C. J. Power, of Framingham, Mass , made a magnificent display at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society's exhibition in Boston on the 80th of June, of plants grown in the Dumesnil moss. We are not informed in what manner this moss differs from moss prepared as already described in our pages by Mr. Peter Henderson, which is simply moss mixed with any fertilizing substance. But there are large numbers of people in all large towns and cities who do not care to have the trouble of mixing fertilizing substances with moss, or who have not the opportunity of doing so. To all these the ready-prepared moss will be a great boon. It is cleaner and more easily handled, and those who, like Mr. Power, are making efforts to introduce it, by showing practically what can be done with it, deserve the thanks of the community.

Henderson's fertilizing moss, was for mulching only. These plants are grown wholly in the moss.