Remedy For Bark Scale

An Iowa City, Iowa, correspondent sends us an article on his manner of applying a wash for scale, but has omitted to state what it is that is to be used as the wash.

Season And Pears

Few fruits are more easily affected in their good qualities than Pears. A correspondent of the London Garden says, that in England, Williams' Bon Chretien - our Bartlett - was almost flavorless in his part of England this year. Even with us the time of gathering makes some difference. As a rule we believe the Bartlett is best when gathered before it is thoroughly mature. In other words best when ripened off the tree.

Unexplored Territory

If the enclosed newspaper paragraph correctly represents the case, there ought to be a good field here for the botanist as well as the lumberman :

" Vast pine forests containing upward of 24,000 millions of feet of a superior quality of pine lumber, with facilities for getting it to market equal to the best, have been discovered up the Spanish River in Ontario".

Redwood Timber

Some Redwood timber, Sequoia sempervirens, used in the stockade at Fort Ross, in Mendocino Co., California, by the Russian Fur Company, in 1811, was found recently to be perfectly sound, though in the ground seventy years. It has the habit of sprouting when cut clown, as the chestnut does in the East, and this second growth makes equally good timber with the first.

Timber Of British Columbia

Professor Dawson estimates two-thirds of this territory to be yet under timber. The Douglas Spruce "Western Hemlock," and " Red Cedar," are said to be the chief timber trees.

Forest Schools In The Old World

We are often told that our country will never manage forests profitably till we go to the old world and learn how to do it. But there is the celebrated "New Forest" of England. It comprises 63,000 acres. The timber is saleable, but the sales last year were about $540,000, while the expenses were about $600,000, or $60,000 loss, from even full grown timber.

Academy Of Natural Sciences Of Philadelphia

For the ensuing year the officers elected were: President, Dr. Joseph Leidy; First Vice President, W. S. Vaux; Second Vice President, Thomas Meehan; Recording Secretary, Dr. E. J. Nolan; Corresponding Secretary, Dr. G. H. Horn; Treasurer, W. S. Henszey. Dr. Ruschenberger, for twelve years President, but who declined a re-nomination, was added to the councillors.

Sparrows In Australia

The Sydney Mail of of July 16 says : "On Wednesday a deputation from the Agricultural Society and Chamber of Manufactures interviewed the Chief Secretary, to ask him to introduce an act for the destruction of sparrows, and pending this to appoint an honorary Sparrow Board to prepare and distribute poisoned wheat and give advice. Mr. Bray would not promise to introduce a Bill until it was known what action the other colonies had taken, but thought a board might be appointed".