Major Ben. Perley Poore thinks the government should issue instructions to ignoramuses how to sow forest tree seeds, so that they may be spared the results of their ignorance in bad planting. He says :

"The writers on forestry all begin by recommending the purchase of tree-plant from the nursery, and it is an undoubted fact that not one-quarter of the tree-plants so purchased ever grow into trees with butts as big as a hoe-handle. I know, myself, a gentleman who owns one of the finest farms in New England, who has purchased, and had carefully planted, upwards of 60.000 young trees, and who admits that he cannot show, as the result of his sixteen years of experiment, 100 thrifty forest trees".

It seems to us that ignorance is ignorance whether in seed-sowing or seed-planting, and we do not see why the ignoramus in tree seed-sowing should be more entitled to national sym pathy and government cash, than the ignoramus in tree-planting. By the way, who is this New England gentleman who has thus sacrificed 59, 900 trees to get less than 100 good ones ? His careful planting and after management would no doubt form one of the most instructive chap ters in American forestry.