About 50° Fahrenheit is enough to begin with at night in the first stage of forcing, and it should not pass 55° morning and night, till all the buds have sprung. This is a point of very great importance in the forcing of grapes. If the forcing be commenced with a dash, as some fast young grape growers term it, and a high temperature be kept up from the beginning, the chance is that not more than one half the spurs will start. It is best to imitate nature as near as possible in all horticultural operations, and the further we deviate from her laws the quicker will retribution come. Alter the buds are well started, the heat must be gradually raised to 60°, 65° and 70°, to remain at that till the bloom opens. This rise from 50° to 70° cannot be effected in less time than two weeks. As the bloom opens the vines should be jarred or shaken in the morning to help impregnation, and the Muscats should have a portion, say an inch or so, of the extremity of the bunches cut off, as this point hardly sets well, and if taken off while the cluster is in an embryo state will appear more natural.