When this work was commenced it was regarded as but an experiment, and it was issued as an experiment by Messrs. Prang, who promised to issue one series of 196 chapters only. So far as popular support went, it was a great success; but they found, as being in the business of lithographic printing, it was not wise for them to go into a publishing business. Over 5,000 subscribers were found for the work, a number perhaps unparalelled for a mere scientific work.

Mr. Charles Robson, who purchased the work, concluded also to try the series plan, before issuing it as a regular thing. In this way a second successful series was issued. It became evident that the American public would permanently sustain a work of this character, and arrangements were in progress to commence a regular monthly issue on this first of January.

The drawings were all prepared, and the editor has over fifty chapters ready, so as to be sure to always have enough ahead to guard against sickness or accidents interfering with the regular appearance of the work, when Mr. Robson died suddenly, of cholera, in September, leaving no arrangements whatever for the continuation of his business.

Up to this time the administrator has not been able to make a satisfactory sale of the right to " Flowers and Ferns," and there is therefore no one as yet to continue the publication of the work, as was intended. As soon as this matter shall be settled and another publisher found, the author hopes to continue in a permanent form a work which he is pleased to know has given pleasure to so many thousands of men and women all over the world.