Some of the agricultural colleges have been great failures, and the agricultural papers are full of the language of woe thereat, and wish them all abolished. But they are not all so by any means, and where they are failures it is the defective management, and not that the principle is wrong. The fact that some have proved institutions of which the whole nation is proud, shows that they are necessities that should be encouraged. The failures only show that education is like any other business in which the failures are always more numerous than the successes. It is a pleasure to know that the Missouri college at Columbia is following in the track of its successful sisters. By judicious management, over $200,000 have been realized out of a part of their college lands, and in all probability the balance will bring enough to make a fund of nearly half a million dollars. We happen to know that among the sciences, botany and horticulture - twin art and science - have always commended themselves strongly to the management, and we are therefore always glad to hear of the financial success of the Institution.