"H." referring probably to Texas, says : " I can add another use for yucca leaves. The early settlers, the buffalo hunters and Indians in Northern Texas use it for hanging up their meat to dry; the sharp point obviating the use of a knife. The hunters salt the choicest parts of the buffalo in a hole in the ground which they line with hides, then run a yucca leaf through and hang over the camp fire to smoke".

[It might be worth while to grow yucca around fishing stations for stringing fish. Looking on at a boatload of weak fish and croakers recently, it occurred to the writer that there was a great deal of time lost in punching the little gills with a pointed stick in order to string them into dozens and half-dozens. A yucca leaf would serve at once for needle and string. But perhaps fishermen have no great need to save time. - Ed. G. M].