"F.," Vineland, New Jersey, writes: "In the East where I came from, the Arborvitse is known as white cedar; but here I find a very different wood called white cedar. What is the proper one, and how does this confusion arise?"

[The " confusion arises" from the mere use of common names, which, unlike botanical names originate with people who are not recognized as authority in naming plants. Anyone has the right to give a common name to a plant, and no one can decide which is the "proper one".

There may be a score of different white cedars for aught we know. In Oregon the Lawson cvpress is "white cedar." In California, Liboce-drus decurrens is "white cedar." In New Jersey, Cupressus thuyoides is "white cedar," and "white cedar" in New England is Thuja occi-dentalis. As there is no authority to decide your question, you will have to choose one for yourself. - Ed. G. M].