The Athens (Ga.) Banner says: 'About seven, miles south of Hickory, near the South Fork river, on the John Wil-fong farm, stands a remarkable walnut tree. It is twenty-seven feet in circumference, being nearly nine feet in diameter three feet above the ground.

It measures thirty-eight feet to the first limb, and the limbs are in proportion to the size of the tree. This tree is vigorous in its growth, and is believed to be entirely solid. If sawed into lumber it would make twelve thousand feet, without counting the limbs. Estimating this lumber at forty dollars per thousand feet, its market value would be four hundred and eighty dollars. The tree grows on an uncleared bottom near the river, and is surrounded by a dense growth of timber. Its enormous size has prevented it from being converted into lumber, as there are no means of handling so large a stock of timber.