C. W. Westbrook, son of a well-known ante-bellum nurseryman of North Carolina, and, we believe, Professor of Agriculture and Horticulture in a North Carolina college, claims to have discovered a certain remedy against the Curculio and a company has been formed, which is pushing the sale very fast among southern fruit growers. It appears to be a powder, as it is sold in bags. Now it must be remembered that the Curculio goes into a Plum tree for the purpose of depositing its eggs in the plum, and not to eat, and if by "overcoming the Curculio "is meant destroying them, in the light of what experience we already have, the powder can scarcely do any good. If the discoverer were some mere adventurer without any knowledge of horticulture, as so many are, we should not give any notice to such an "invention," but the position of Mr. Westbrook seems to call for this so far favorable paragraph.