I have lived on a place that was almost overrun with moles, and have tried many remedies to destroy them, but failed until I procured one of Hale's patent mole traps. I got the trap in the fall of 1883, and up to the time when frost set in, I caught 21. I commenced again in the Spring of 1884; On the 14th of February I caught the first for this year, and up to this date of this year 15, making in all 36. There are some few yet, so the readers of this may judge how destructive to vegetables, flowers, and lawn they would have been. I consider it is only right to make results public, when an article is invented that is so useful. It was rightly named "a perfect mole trap." I have seen nothing for such a purpose invented as yet that can compete with it. I have no interest in the matter, or acquaintance with the inventor, but I consider that too much can not be said for the inventing of such a trap. I would further state that when set according to directions it never misses. My belief is, it is worth double its cost.

Souviers, near Wilmington, Del.