Says the London Gardeners' Chronicle: "Quite a novelty in the way of a bouquet was produced by Mr. Aldous, florist, of South Kensington, a few days since. A lady was desirous of presenting a gentleman with a bouquet - this being the ladies' privilege in Leap Year - and gave the order that culinary vegetables only were to be employed in its fabrication, which was tastefully carried out. It consisted of the following items, in their smaller forms: Forced carrots, in two shapes, long and short; radishes the same, Brussels sprouts, variegated Scotch kale, curled endive, and the broad-leaved Batavian variety, parsley being used instead of the usual fern fronds seen in ordinary bouquets. The whole, including the holder, measured rather more than 15 inches in diameter, and was mounted in the usual way with the help of wire".