In a recent Monthly you mention Mahonia aquifolia leaves as becoming very fashionable in Europe. It seems we Americans cannot start a fashion, even if we are first to see the beauty and propriety of anything. We must wait for our cousins across the Atlantic to take the lead; then, like sheep, we follow, be it good or bad. This time they were not first in making use of the Mahonia leaves. Here they have been in fashion for ten years or more. Many a buttonhole bouquet has been carried away from here made of Mahonia leaves and rose buds.

Four years ago my sister asked what kind of flowers I would select for a summer hat. I said if I were to wear flowers, I would have the genuine or none at all. That with Mahonia leaves and roses and a few other flowers of the season, a hat could be trimmed much nicer than any I had ever seen with artificial flowers, and I would like to have her try. She at once agreed to try the experiment. That hat was a success all through the season, judging from the many remarks made about it and the frequent question, "Where did you get your hat, I like that trimming?" No one suspected that the flowers were not counterfeit like all the rest.