With this gentleman passes away another of the older race of American nurserymen whose useful lives honored the profession. He pitched his tent in Cleveland nearly half a century ago, and grew up with its greatness. His nursery was long famous, and he only retired from its active business ten years ago when in his 66th year. He was nearly seventy-six on his decease on the 8th of November. He was born and married in Scotland, and came to this country in 1833. Besides adding to the prosperity of his adopted city by his industrial enterprise, he served as a City Councillor three years, and subsequently Street Commissioner four years, and so high was the respect in which he was generally held, that but for his being a representative of the minority party, he would not have been permitted to get off without even a much larger share of public duty.

Baron Ferdinand Von Muller - the government botanist of Victoria, Australia, was born at Rostock, in Germany, in 1825, and removed to Australia in 1847. From 1857 to 1873 he was Director of the Botanic Garden at Melbourne. He was made a Baron by the King of Wurtemburg in 1871, solely as a tribute to his high scientific attainment and zealous labors in behalf of botany and kindred sciences.