Mr. Lorin Blodget sends with a sample the following note: " I send herewith the stem of a seedling peach tree just withering, from the effects of a new scourge, a root Aphis, I think, which clustered thickly around the stem, from two inches down up to the surface. I have lost almost all my seedling peach trees from this cause last year and this year, I think some three years ago also. Is it new?

"It puts an end to peach growing with me. The deadly yellows has killed all my large trees, as I thought it would. Nothing helped them; lime was of no value. Trees that bore heavily last year of the finest peaches are dead, and I shall not have fifty peaches instead of half as many bushels.

"At p. 119-120, Agricultural Report of 1871, an illustration appears of the fungoids found in the liber (inner bark) of peach trees having the yellows. ' Health bark gave no signs of fungi,' says the- writer, Thomas Taylor, Microscopist of the Department. Has this been further examined?

" These root aphides, if they are such, and I find ants running over them, have never been referred to, that I can find".

[This is wholly new, unless some record has escaped the Editor's eye.

In regard to the peach yellows - a number of organic bodies have been found by microscopists in connection with peach yellows. There seems to be but little doubt that they are the cause of the trouble. But it is but fair to say that this has not been so clearly demonstrated as to compel universal belief. - Ed. G. M.]