It is generally believed that however high or low may be portions of seasons, the mean average of the whole will be about the same. From the following note from "L.," a Germantown, Philadelphia, correspondent, it appears that this may not be always so:

"Although the weather of the past winter and of the opening spring has been, perhaps, exceptionally variable, I had not thought that the temperature of the first week in this third month of the year was greatly below the average, until I compared its marking in my " weather diary " with those of previous years. Not for twelve years - not since 1872 - has there been any approach to it. It will suffice to give the average of the first four days of the month, for the past six years, the hour when the mercury was taken having been 7.30 A. M. For 1879, the average was (omitting fractions) 300; for 1880, 330; for 1881, 300; for 1882, 49°; for 1883, 33°; but for 1884, only 14O; again striking the average of the five years, as above, from 1879 to 1883, we have but 350 as compared with this year's 140".