Though the humble-bee has not been introduced to New Zealand, Mr. Armstrong, of the Christ Church Botanical Garden, asserts that the red clover seeds freely in many cases. The honey-bee's tongue is too short to reach the nectar at the base of the long tube; and, moreover, he says he finds no nectar in clover flowers when more generous ones are in bloom; and he adds: "I am confirmed in this opinion by a remark of Mr. Meehan (an excellent American authority on fertilization), who observed that humble-bees would not visit a field of red clover when the white clover was in blossom; and yet the red clover fields bore seeds as freely as most insect-frequented fields would do." This New Zealand observer notes that in that country, there are different races; some infertile, and others abundantly productive. As we now know that it is the check to vegetative vigor, following the first mowing, which gives the strong reproductive tendency to the second crop of clover in our country, the productiveness or sterility of these different races will, no doubt, have to be looked for in their relative vegetative vigor. - Independent.