In reply to a hint on page 279, of September Monthly, in regard to flowering of Night-blooming Cereus, I send the following: On the evening of July 20th a friend of mine in this place had a fine one in flower, which created quite a sensation; and on the evening of August 29th a very fine one flowered on Putnam avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. On Sunday night, August 31st, was exhibited on the grounds of Mr. E. Towne, Walnut street, East Orange, N. J., the most beautiful one I ever saw. It was indeed " a sight never to be forgotten." A finely-trained specimen eight feet high and four feet in diameter, with sixty-five fully-expanded blooms; literally covered with its gorgeous, waxy, amber-colored blossoms. Should this be of any interest to you, make what use of it you please.

Avondale, N. J.

[Were the plants flowering a month apart of the same species? Was it the long,rope-like-stemmed species, C. grandiflorus? Or some of the flat-stemmed kind? - Ed. G. M].