This is one of the most remarkable and interesting climbing plants that ever came under my notice. It has the honor, if honor it be, of bearing two or three names, and certainly is"deserving of them more than some others I could mention that have been tried and found wanting. It is commonly called the "Moon Flower" or "Evening Glory." It derives its former name no doubt from the flowers being moon-shaped, and the latter because the flowers open in the evening. The color of the flowers is pure white; they are about five inches in diameter, and, as they expand at night, have a very striking effect. I grew two plants this last season, each running on a pole, and let them run one on each side the garden walk, and trained them over the top, arch fashion, and they were admired by all who saw them. The plant is a very rapid climber, possessed of great vitality, and I believe it would grow thirty feet in one season. It would be an excellent plant for covering unsightly places, or look grand when in bloom in any other prominent position. The plant is an annual, and seems of a tropical nature. The only way to perpetuate it is to propagate by cuttings in September, which root very readily.

When rooted they can be potted into small pots and wintered over in the greenhouse until the following spring. These plants were procured of Mr. Peter Henderson last spring, who states that he has sold thousands of them, and they give such universal satisfaction. I do not see them for sale by any other nurseryman, but I can recommend them to get them and propagate as something good, and which ought to take well. Pencoyd, Pa. [We have given this as received, because we believe the plant has been widely distributed under the above name. But we suppose there is no such name known to botanists, and Calonyction grandi-florum or more correctly Ipomcea grandiflora, is the plant possibly referred to. - Ed. G. M].