Seeing from time to time a few notes on the above in the Gardeners' Monthly I contribute a few additional. Oncidium ornithorhynchum has flowered here bearing four hundred of its rosy-lilac flowers. It is really worth a little trouble to get such a fine show as this from it, and when grown in a basket, as it is here, its flowers are shown off to advantage. Another lovely Orchid is Odontoglossum cordatum. It has been flowering here for the last three months and has still a few flowers on it. Stanhopea tigrina is at its best, carrying twelve of its yellow and chocolate colored flowers. All lovers of beauty cannot but admire this Orchid. It is the handsomest of the Genus. Last, though not least in my list, Trichopilia tor-tilis, which has always a fresh or green appearance independent of the beautiful flowers which it produces two or three times a year. These are all cool-house Orchids with the exception of Stanhopea tigrina, which needs a warmer house. When Orchids are kept clean, and induced to make a good growth at the proper season, they are sure to flower to satisfaction.

Pottsvillc, Pa., Oct., 1883.