I find everything relating to roses interesting, so I hope my experience may interest your correspondent who wishes to know about seedling moss roses. I have two kinds which seed freely - a pink and a red one; the pink was sent me as Glory of Mosses; I have forgotten the name of the other. I have raised one seedling from the red, which is well mossed, and as handsome as the parent, though a little different. I have other seedlings, which have no moss; two of them resemble in style of growth Madam Plantier, but one is a lovely pink color, the other blush. While speaking of roses, I would like to mention one I have, which is quite a curiosity. It is only three inches in height, measuring to the tip of the tallest bud; has now five buds, and has already bloomed more than once this season, which is its second. It shows no inclination to grow taller. Washington, N. C.