Dr. Thomas Taylor, microscopist of the Department of Agriculture, has prepared for the New Orleans Exhibition one of the finest collections of drawings of cryptogamic plants ever brought together. The drawings are in water colors, representing the microscopic plants to which they relate on a largely magnified scale, and especial care has been taken to make them botanically correct. They include illustrations of the edible and poisonous mushrooms of the United States, and many of the parasitic plants which cause diseases of fruit, trees, vegetables, and cereals, such as pear-tree blight, the potato rot, rust in wheat, etc. The exhibit will occupy fully one thousand feet in the exhibition building. A portion of the collection is now on exhibition at Louisville, and another will be sent to the exhibition at Cincinnati. This exhibit will be much larger than the one Dr. Taylor prepared for the Centennial, on which he was awarded a diploma for its size and beauty and the correct drawings.