This comes to our exchange table, as a new candidate for popular favor. It is a quarterly, issued by Messrs. Lloyd, of Cincinnati, and deserves success. The medicinal plants of our country are figured, and everything known about them given in detail. We have had some sore experience recently about the ignorance of some medical gentlemen in regard to poisonous plants. No less than three separate plants, all. innocuous, being sent to us as plants which produced death in their midst. So that not only among the non-professional, but also among the professional, we are sure the work is badly needed. Ranunculacese are given in this issue.

The July number of this periodical has an exhaustive paper on the Hepatica, showing its botanical history and therapeutic virtues. These last it shows to be absolutely none, and yet the demand for it has been and still continues to be so enormous, that the wild plant is almost eradicated in some localities. The true "liverwort" Mar-chantia polymorpha, is a good remedy in liver complaints, and it is believed this plant is in demand because it happens to have the same common name. But the testimonials regarding "wonderful cures" are as numerous as if the real plant was used.