E. A. Caswell, New York City, writes Jan. 9th: "Answering your enquiry concerning the competitive trial between moss-grown and earth plants, permit me to say that two premiums were offered by the N. Y. Horticultural Society and were competed for at their exhibition, June 19th, 1883. There were altogether some thirty plants shown. Twelve plants shown by Mr. Barr's gardener and cultivated in Dumesnil moss took the first ($15.00) prize, and twelve others exhibited by Chas. J. Power of S. Framing-ham took the second prize ($10.00), had been cultivated in the same material. The specimens were rich in color, full in foliage, and pronounced by the judges to be very fine, and superior to the similar plants grown in earth and moss exhibited at the same time, as was shown by the awards. Mr. Peter Henderson was specially invited to send an exhibit of his bone-dust-grown plants in competition, but none were shown. The exhibit was four Abutilon (Snow-storm), four Geranium Double (Gen. Grant), four Coleus (Verschaffelti).