Most florists know how necessary, and yet how annoying, is the fumigating department. But there has been a great advance during the few past years. In the writer's time, the operator had to rush into a house full of smoke, once in awhile, in order to stir up water, or put more on the hot mass. Then came schemes for blowing through a bellows - but even to this day, the open pot plan is the most often used for large houses, though flame and other destructive agencies often destroy the plants as well as insects. Last year there were some very-good improvements offered in our advertising columns, among which the Excelsior fumigator, illustrated at page 15 of December advertising pages, will be fresh in the minds of our readers. We have since tried this machine and find it to be everything the inventor claims for it, and for about the first time in a half century of garden work we can go about the work of fumigating greenhouses with positive pleasure.