" F. C. G., "Verona, N. J., says:" In Sept. No. of Gardeners" Monthly, I read of Night Blooming Cereus blooming June 21st, etc. I have two plants, three and four years old, that bloomed Sept. 1st and 2d, three buds the 1st, and one the 2d. On the 2d of Sept. I saw a plant, judging from appearances, that had bloomed the night before. Thought it might be of interest to the Gardeners' Monthly;"

[This note shows the caution of Mr. Falconer, about the many kinds which are called Night Blooming Cereuses, to be well timed, for we suppose the original " Night Blooming Cactus" of old authors, and which we had in mind, would not be in flower so late as 2d of September. The commonest of the night bloomers is the Cereus latifrons, with broad, flat and rather thin " fronds," and this is perhaps the species referred to here. - Ed. G. M].