This is the secret as told in confidence to the Montgomery Co. (Ohio) Horticultural Society by Mr. Ohmer:

"I have often been asked how I manage the many hands necessary to pick my berries, to have the job well done, and to have them continue to the end. First, I live near a large city, Dayton, Ohio, (too near to save a large part of my apples and pears) and can get all the pickers I need, and my system is as follows. I use a stand with handle, holding four quart baskets to pick into. Each picker is given a stand and a basket holder, which holds one quart basket. This holder is tied around the waist, enabling the women, girls and boys to use both hands in picking. Thus equipped, they are put two to a row, one on each side. I have a trusty man to be with them continually, his business being first to see that they pick none but ripe fruit; second, that they pick all that are ripe; third, that they do not damage the berries, nor canes; fourth, that they do not skip rows, or parts of rows; fifth, that there is no ras-ling in the patch. When the stand has four full quarts, they are brought to where the packing is done, in the shade of one or more trees. Then give them a check for the full stand, and an empty stand filled with baskets to fill again, and so on till the day is over.

I have large printed checks good for ten, twenty and thirty checks, which I give in exchange for smaller checks when desired.

" I pay no one money on account, or in full, until the last picking is over, except in case of sickness or other good cause. By adopting this method my hands continue their work until the last picking is over. When pay day comes all are made aware of it, all come, and when we are through with the last picking, all hands collect in the shade and are paid off in full, after which I give them a treat of cider, lemonade and cakes; all have a good time, and go away more happy than many worth their millions".